"Air Zeus'" Picture Gallery


These are some pictures of my beloved Border Collie "Zeus". This series starts off showing him growing up and ends with four outstanding shots of him catching frisbees in the air. Amazingly enough, in these last four pictures I was tossing the frisbee as well as taking the picture.

Here he is at 3 weeks old when we first saw him at my parents house. My family has been raising registered Border Collies for over fifteen years.

Both my wife and I fell in love with him and decided to make him our own. At this point we had just bought a house with a fenced in backyard and could finally have a dog.

Here he is a six weeks old on the first day I brought him home.

Another shot in the shadows of the house on that first day.

Here he is at about 4-5 months old. These were his awkward teenage months before he was full grown. At this point the black markings around his eyes, which eventually went away, made him look like a bandit.

Here he could still fit in my lap comfortably.


Here is Mom with the tennis ball. He won't take his eyes off of it as long as you are holding it.

Here he is posed with some of his frisbees...he is such a ham.

"Run..Run..someone is after my frisbee."

"Here I come to check out that camera."

"Ha..Ha..no one will get my frisbee."

Here he is catching a little air.

He makes it look easy.

"If you thought Michael Jordan has good air time..check this out!"

OH YEAH! Now you know why we nicknamed him "Air Zeus".