Sweet Rides

1992 Dodge Stealth ES

This is my first sports car..The BLUE BEAST. It's a 1992 Dodge Stealth ES. It has a 24-valve DOHC (Dual Overhead Cam) and 222 HP. It is the car I dreamed about before I graduated the University of Texas at Austin. Once I got a real job as an Electrical Engineer at Crystal Semiconductor, I made my dream a reality. Click on this picture to check out a few pictures.

1995 Blk/Blk Corvette Well, what could possibly be better than owning one sportscar? Correct, owning TWO sportscars. And what could possibly be better than owning the "American Dream", the Cheverolet Corvette. Correct, nothing! Want to see my newest baby? Then check out these pictures of my 1995 Double Black Corvette!

Jazzed Up Garage

Check out the home of the "Black Beauty" and the "Blue Beast." My father-in-law and I cleaned it, painted it, added some spacious cabinets and and some new lights. Click here to see the pictures.

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